Baguio City at daybreak seen from Mount Ulap in Itogon, Benguet, Philippines
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 A Wanderer, on Mount Ulap at dawn,  stands a corral rocky outcrop above a gloaming Landscape during a day hike at the Ampucao Sta. Fe. Mountain Ridges with his back to the viewer and gazes out on a landscape covered in a thick sea of fog,  sea of clouds with him on his side Avatar

Mount Ulap


We Conquer Mount Ulap Summit

We Conquer Mt. Ulap Summit. ✅ Two Senior Citizen Conquer ascending in a 6h hiking tour the Summit of Mount Ulap and finally to reach the Summit Marker ✅ of Mount Ulap by rambling via the Ampucao Sta. Fe. Ridge, located in Itogon, Benguet, Philippines.

📌 Mount Ulap Summit ✅ a popular hiking peak on the Eco-Trail ✅ passing Corral Rock formation and Gungal Rock outcrop up to 🏔 Mount Ulap Summit.

✅ The Eco Trail is a hiking trek through pinewood 🌲🌲🌲 forests, leading through the lush green on the verdant grasslands and an endless view of the Cordillera Mountain ridges on one side with the Agno River in the south up to the Pangasinan area.

📌 The view of the other side is even more impressive.

✅ There is a breathtaking panorama view of the massive 🏔 Santo Tomas Mountain, a volcanic origin Mountain Ridges direct for the gates of the City of Baguio.

For mountain hikers and nature lovers, it offers happiness that has become rare and sublime and great mountain solitude.

Ascending to Mount Ulap Summit is optional, 🏔 descending to the valley is mandatory.

 A stunning view above  Cordillera Mountain Ridges at daw seen from Mount Ulap Summit.

A Day Hike Adventure

Hikers do need to plan on reaching Mount Ulap Summit.

📌 It was a night in January and still, cold our metabolism was probably dropping too low from being asleep all night when we start in Lety's Transient Accommodation to prepare for an early day hike on the Ampucao Eco-Trail conquering Mount Ulap Summit.

✅ The time is right in the middle of the week before daybreak to avoid crowds and hot weather conditions, the optimal time to start our thru-hike is the window between November and April and 4 am.

✅ However, hikers do need to plan on reaching Mount Ulap Summit before May due to severe weather conditions.

📌 Here we are as planned surrounding the Mount Ulap Summit Signboard in good spirit.

A Remainder
1. watch the Weather Forecast for Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet
2. prepare for any event in your hiking tour
and read the Philippine Mountain Code before hiking.
👉 Click the link and read carefully:

image of the website landing page Mountain Code

 ✅ Here we are a group of hikers surrounding the Mount Ulap Summit Sign Board marker.
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 A gloaming Landscape view above partly Cordillera Mountain Ridges up to the Pangasinan area at dawn seen from Mount Ulap Summit during our hiking tour.

Summit Marker

The Mystery of the Mount Ulap Summit Marker

📌 A long time ago, hunters and gatherers began living here. As the Legend told our ancestors had a different name in there folklore for the mountains where there are living in.

✅ Then about Feb. 01. 1939 ago, after a preliminary Surveying was done an Engineer name "LAGMAN" finally the third and highest peak with 1846mASL on the Ampucao Sta. Fe Ridges was named "ULAP" and the Summit Marker was erected on the highest peak.

📌 Most of the mountain Summits in Europe a Summit cross is erected which is a cross on the summit of a mountain or hill that marks the top. Often there will be a summit register (Gipfelbuch) at the cross, either in a container or at least a weatherproof case.

However, the summit cross is not exclusively of religious symbolism. In the 16th century, the crosses also functioned to mark alpine and community borders.

Mt. Ulap Mountain Spirits Myths and Legend of ethnic Mountain tribes Itogon Benguet
👉 Click the link and read carefully:

image of the website landing page mount ulap The Eagle has landed .html

 ✅ Summit Marker of Mount Ulap
Website landing page images

mt. Ulap Summit marker

 A Panoramic view of the St. Tomas Mountain ridges at midday seen from Mount Ulap Summit during our hiking tour.

Accommodation for rent

The Eco - Trail INN Style

📌 After a day of exploring the Eco - Trail, what better way to reward yourself than by relaxing at a cozy home.

✅ A dose of Cordilleran hospitality can’t be beaten for providing comfort to weary travelers.

✅ The establishment Lety's Transient Homes in Baguio is located on or near the trail’s route and proudly consider themselves Friends of the Eco - Trail.

📌 With advance reservations, some innkeepers may even be willing to help shuttle you between our establishment and the Eco - Trail for a gratuity.

"You come as a Guest and leave as a Family Member."

 A Panoramic view during Sunrise towards Mount St. Tomas seen from Lety's Transient Homes in Loakan Baguio City.

A Panoramic view of the St. Tomas Mountain ridges
Baguio City. Itogon, Benguet,


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