Baguio City at daybreak seen from Mount Ulap in Itogon, Benguet, Philippines
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Baguio City
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 A Wanderer, on Mount Ulap at dawn,  stands a corral rocky outcrop above a gloaming Landscape during a day hike at the Ampucao Sta. Fe. Mountain Ridges with his back to the viewer and gazes out on a landscape covered in a thick sea of fog,  sea of clouds with him on his side Avatar

Mount Ulap

Gungal Rock

The most Famous
Gungal Rock

Gungal Rock, βœ… the visual highlight on the Mount Ulap Eco-Trail along the Ampucao Sta. Fe Ridges.

πŸ“Œ Gungal Rock βœ… is the most popular hiking destination on the Eco-Trail way to πŸ” Mount Ulap Summit.

βœ… It has always represented a unique challenge and a dream for many climbers, some of whom have earned the right to make a go at scaling its heights at the dawn.

βœ… On the highest spot on the Gungal Rock formation, you have a 360degr. around view of the Cordillera Mountain ranges on one side you can see Mt. Arayat, Mt. Ugo and Mt. Pulag along the horizon and with the Agno River up to the Pangasinan area.

πŸ“Œ The view of the other side is even more impressive.

βœ… There is a breathtaking panorama view of the massive πŸ” Santo Tomas Mountain, a volcanic origin Mountain Ridge direct for the gates of the City of Baguio.

How to go to Gungal Rock from Baguio
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image of Google map,+Benguet/Ampucao+Barangay+Hall,

 A stunning view towards Gungal Rock at high noon surrounded with hikers backpackers from all over the country.

Gungal Rock - Landscape

How the Landscape of Gungal Rock was formed?

During the past 2.5 million years, continents shifting and colossal ice sheets gripped the globe, perhaps 15 different times. Glaciers sculpted about one-third of the earth’s landmass. Tectonic plates are in motion, vulcanos lifting landmasses and creating a mountain range.

Gungal Rock is one of Adventurous and Hikers' favorite getaway destinations. Many people visit the infamous Gungal Rock formation every weekend which is nestled within the Ampucao Sta. Fe Mountain Range approximately 20km away from Baguio City.

Gungal Rock has considered the most scenic location within the Ampucao Eco Trail Tour bordered between the AGNO River in the east and the BUED River in the west.

Gungal Rock was the inspiration of the Lion King.

Gungal Rock Location on Google Map
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iimage of Google map,120.6370683,19z?hl=en

 βœ… A group of hikers surrounding the Gungal Rock  Sign Board.
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A stunning view towards Gungal Rock with Mount Santo Tomas in the background, a group of hikers standing at high noon in front of Gungal Rock and facing the camera for a Photo opportunity.

Gungal Rock + Baguio Side Trip

Plan Your Hiking Tours

πŸ“Œ Gungal Rock formation βœ… or Gungal Rock outcrop the most infamous hiking destinations on the way to Mount Ulap Summit is the visual highlight during your Eco Trail Tour to Mount Ulap Summit along the Ampucao Sta. Fe Ridge hiking trail in Itogon, Benguet, Philippines.

βœ… Peoples come from far and wide, many first-time travelers 🚢 visit the iconic Gungal Rock and Mount Ulap Summit during there hiking tour on the Ampucao Sta. Fe Mountain Range.

πŸ“Œ You are already here in Baguio City add 24h to your excursion to Mount Ulap.

Baguio has a lot more to offer, however, and going off the beaten path will prove to be equally rewarding and eye-opening.

Plan Your Hiking Tours + Baguio Side Trip
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 βœ… image of the website mount ulap plan your hiking tours
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Plan Your Hiking Tours + Baguio Side Trip

 A Panoramic view is taken towards the valley below from Gungal Rock with two hikers sitting on the rock outcrop and waving towards the camera

Accommodation for rent

The Eco - Trail INN Style

πŸ“Œ After a day of exploring the Eco - Trail, what better way to reward yourself than by relaxing at a cozy home.

βœ… A dose of Cordilleran hospitality can’t be beaten for providing comfort to weary travelers.

βœ… The establishment Lety's Transient Homes in Baguio is located on or near the trail’s route and proudly consider themselves Friends of the Eco - Trail.

πŸ“Œ With advance reservations, some innkeepers may even be willing to help shuttle you between our establishment and the Eco - Trail for a gratuity.

"You come as a Guest and leave as a Family Member."

 A Panoramic view during Sunrise towards Mount St. Tomas seen from Lety's Transient Homes in Loakan Baguio City.

A Panoramic view of the St. Tomas Mountain ridges
Baguio City. Itogon, Benguet,


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