Sunrise at Dawn, appearing over the Pine Tree mountain range  at Ampucao Sta. Fe. Mountain Ridges.


Our journey to a Landscape rich in spirituals and traditions

A Walk through the beautiful Cordillera Mountains

and discover the folklore of the mountain peoples

Once at the time stories were told about an Eagle nesting on the mountaintop.

According to the beliefs of the people and the herdsman who live in the wild mountain regions surrounding the Gungal Rock formation there is a cave in a cliff there where the eagle redeems.

The Mountain 🏔 people believe in the existence of unseen beings that emanate from the Skyworld and the underworld. That these unseen beings are called spirits thought to have power over man.

It is further believed that these unseen beings (spirits) can be manipulated by man to his advantage.

With this belief, the people strive to win the favor of the spirits using prayers and material offerings in a ritual.

This belief resulted to a belief system from which customs, traditions and taboos are establish.

Through the centuries, the people had adopted this system as part of their life ways and thought ways.

Although this belief system is unwritten, it was preserved by the native priest in the form of ritual prayers, which was passed from one generation to another until this day.

 An images of an Eagle flying above the cordillera mountains
 Cordillera Mountains viewed from Mount Ulap.

Belief of the mountain peoples.
of the two
ethnic tribes,

''kankana-ey'' and ''ibaloy''


The two main ethnic tribes, ''kankana-ey'' and ''ibaloy'' are not far apart in their belief system, except that they are dissimilar in linguistics.

Their belief system is common to both with little deviation in methods of performance but do not change the intent and purposes.

The belief of the mountain people shows that above all the gods and goddesses (Kabana) there is the ADI-KAILA or MENGO- SOSCHUNG, the most high.

In this faith evolved a system of appeasing the malevolent unseen and appreciating the benevolent unseen.

The malevolent unseen are the ones preying on the lives of men, women and children like robbers or kidnappers for ransom.

And if not appeased, they harm their victims by inflicting sickness, injury or finish them to death.

Parallel to the malevolent is the benevolent unseen who is thought to be the supreme one who gave man the power to counteract the malevolent in the form of rituals.

The rituals are classified as to offensive, defensive and appreciative natures.

  An images of an Eagle flying above the mountains
 Cordillera Mountains viewed from Mount Ulap.

The Story will
continuing soon


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