Baguio City at dawn seen from Mount Ulap in Itogon, Benguet, Philippines
Baguio City at dawn
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Mount Ulap
a Day Hike

A Day Hike on Mount Ulap Eco Trail

Hiking on the trail of ancient Herdsman and Mountain Peoples.

πŸ“Œ Forgotten for many decades, an old mountain path located high in the Cordillera Mountains snaking through this remote ancient mountain range which was only known to the mountain peoples and herdsman which are living there.

βœ… However, the most extraordinary thing was when in October. 31. 2015 a visionary πŸ“Œ Barangay of Ampucao has opened this ancient mountain path for hikers and call it Mount Ulap Eco-Trail a new era of Eco-Tourism for all ages was born for adventurers and hikers as we have known it today.

βœ… The Eco-Trail nestled high in the Cordillera Mountains starting in Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet with 1550mASL with a length of 9.4km via the Ampucao Sta. Fe Mountain Range and ended in Sta. Fe Exit point with 1300mASL.

🚩 For Mountaineers and Adventurists β€œain’t no mountain high enough” have used the mountains as a remedy for the stresses of modern life. .

 A group of hikers undertaking an adventurous Day hiking trip conquering the steep mountain path.

Mount Ulap - Eco Tourism

There is much to enjoy amongst the peaks, valleys, and plateaus of the Cordillera mountains

πŸ“Œ Cordillera Mountain Range is home to some of Northern Philippines' highest mountain peaks and a dramatic and stunning alpine landscape, easy to access no ropes and no mountain hiking experience are required which have also contributed significantly to the broad appeal of the mountain hiking.

βœ… Conquering Mount Ulap Summit and hiking the Eco-Trail is not an insurmountable hiking path that was already proven by Senior citizens as well as young children.

βœ… Peoples come from all over the compass and no matter their social background, people migrate to the mountains during weekends and holidays to breathe in that crisp and clean mountain air.

 A view towards the Mount Ulap seen from a group of hikers on their way to the summit.
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 A group of hikers on their steep mountain ascending path towards Mount Ulap summit through a pinewood forest and grasslands to the Sta. Fe Exit Point.

Seasons in the Cordillera Mountains

Your experience of the Ampucao Sta Fe Mountain Range will differ dramatically depending on what time of the year you are visiting.

πŸ“Œ It is certainly what you intended to achieve, is it for exercise reason that you hike the trail in the shortest possible time, or hike during dawn witnessing a stunning sunrise over the Cordillera mountains, or you hike above a sea of clouds, or to see a beautiful sunset or camping under a starry sky.

βœ… Before you embark on a trekking adventure in the Cordillera Mountains, take a moment to ponder the practicalities. Be prepared, stay safe, and pack your backpack like a hiking pro.

πŸ“Œ Remember that getting to the top is optional, but getting down is mandatory. Read up on how to stay safe when you are hiking in the Cordillera Mountains..

 A stunning Sunrise above the A gloaming Landscape view from spectators on a Day Hiking trip to Mount Ulap Summit.
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Mount Ulap Corral Rock

A group of hikers on their descending path from Mount Ulap summit through a pinewood forest to the Sta. Fe Exit Point.

Accommodation for rent

The Eco - Trail INN Style

πŸ“Œ After a day of exploring the Eco - Trail, what better way to reward yourself than by relaxing at a cozy home.

βœ… A dose of Cordilleran hospitality can’t be beaten for providing comfort to weary travelers.

βœ… The establishment Lety's Transient Homes in Baguio is located on or near the trail’s route and proudly consider themselves Friends of the Eco - Trail.

"You come as a Guest and leave as a Family Member."

πŸ“Œ Mount Ulap Plan Your Hiking Tours, βœ… and extend your visit to Baguio

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 A Panoramic view during Sunrise towards Mount St. Tomas seen from Lety's Transient Homes in Loakan Baguio City.

A Panoramic view of the St. Tomas Mountain ridges
Baguio City. Itogon, Benguet,