Baguio City at daybreak seen from Mount Ulap in Itogon, Benguet, Philippines
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Baguio City
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 A Wanderer, on Mount Ulap at dawn,  stands a corral rocky outcrop above a gloaming Landscape during a day hike at the Ampucao Sta. Fe. Mountain Ridges with his back to the viewer and gazes out on a landscape covered in a thick sea of fog,  sea of clouds with him on his side Avatar

Mount Ulap

I Survived Mt. Ulap.

I Survived Mt. Ulap.
hiking on the
Eco - Trail

We Survived Mt. Ulap. ✅ Two Senior Citizen Survived an 8h hiking tour on the Mount Ulap Eco-Trail via the Ampucao Sta. Fe. Ridge, in Itogon, Benguet, Philippines.

📌 My adventurous spirit took me hiking the ✅ Eco-Trail via the Ampucao Sta. Fe. Ridge, passing Corral Rock formation and Gungal Rock outcrop up to 🏔 Mount Ulap Summit and afterward following a descending path through a Pinewood forest 🌲🌲🌲 ending on the Sta. Fe. Exit point.

📌 Mountaineering is one of the finest outdoor pursuits one can take part in.

It can also be the most dangerous.

🚩 First Prepare your self for any event like

1. watch the Weather Forecast for Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet
2. prepare for any event in your hiking tour and read the Philippine Mountain Code before hiking.
👉 Click the link and read carefully:

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On the way to Mount Ulap Summit an elderly female hiker standing before dawn beside the hiking site sign of Mount Ulap a popular hiking destination which is just a short distance away from the Ampucao Barangay Hall the registration site for your hiking permission.


Discovering Physical, Social, Emotional & Intellectual Benefits of Outdoor Recreation.

📌 Outdoor recreation is enjoyable for men, women and children of all ages.

✅ Performing physical exercise while outdoors provides a way to get outside and enjoy your natural surroundings.

✅ Aside from breathing fresh air and discovering nature’s many wonders, the outdoors provides various activities to keep you wanting to go back outside for more.

📌 The benefits of outdoor recreation are endless and will help keep you and your family physically and mentally healthy.

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves."

 ✅ On the way to Mount Ulap Summit several hikers trying the reverse Eco-Trail hiking tour and having a problem to conquer the uphill path to Mount Ulap Summit.
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 Two senior citizens during a day hike tour on the way to Mount Ulap Summit at high noon, sitting in a shaded pinewood 🌲🌲🌲 forest on a wooden log relaxing and resting from the exhausting travel tour.

I "Ed the Boy"

I made it, I Survived the Most Exhilarating Hike in my young life.

📌 It was an early morning in late January, though the temperature didn’t feel like the Polar Vortex but I was used to it in Baguio City.

✅ I embark on a hiking quest on one of the most challenging hikes in the Cordillera Mountain conquering the Ampucao Sta. Fe. Mountain ranges from Ampucao at the starting point to the exit point in Sta. Fe.

✅ Though the hike’s length was only 9.4km, it was known for being as difficult for a young boy like me as it was exhilarating due to the terrain.

📌 But, in the words of my mother, it was worth it just for the views alone.

I made it and discovered another great love on my hike "Mountaineering""

 ✅ Ed the Boy after a day hike tour,  standing in front of a poster after surviving the descending path from Mount Ulap Summit near the Sra. Fe Eco-Trail Exit point.
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I am Ed the Boy

 A group of hikers after a day hike tour,  standing in front of a poster after surviving the descending path from Mount Ulap Summit near the Sra. Fe Eco-Trail Exit point.

Accommodation for rent

The Eco - Trail INN Style

📌 After a day of exploring the Eco - Trail, what better way to reward yourself than by relaxing at a cozy home.

✅ A dose of Cordilleran hospitality can’t be beaten for providing comfort to weary travelers.

✅ The establishment Lety's Transient Homes in Baguio is located on or near the trail’s route and proudly consider themselves Friends of the Eco - Trail.

📌 With advance reservations, some innkeepers may even be willing to help shuttle you between our establishment and the Eco - Trail for a gratuity.

"You come as a Guest and leave as a Family Member."

 A Panoramic view during Sunrise towards Mount St. Tomas seen from Lety's Transient Homes in Loakan Baguio City.
Baguio City
Panoramic view
towards Mount St. Tomas

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